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I was feeding the birds, as usual, suddenly realised I had moved right up to a baby blackbird. She didn't move or seem frightened. I of course moved away (apologising!)

I kept watching that first day. There was another baby blackbird in our garden, she was very verbal and was being fed by both parents. But not once did I see BB being fed. She was able to fly a little and was obviously feeding up to a point.

The other baby was chirping away all the time, but this one was silent, completely.

Although blackbirds are territorial we do seem to get several different families of blackbirds in our garden.. Possibly other gardens dont have the vital supply of water for drinking and bathing and also we feed them daily with various types of food and have shrubs and bushes for cover.

BB is obviously not with mummy and daddy blackbirds as she seems to move around the other side of a tree when the adults arrive. As time has gone on they all seem more tolerant of each other. We are still getting various families, sometimes they are chased off, sometimes allowed to get food or water.

She was so quiet that suddenly you were right by her without realising. I spoke to her and popped some food near her, which she would tuck into. Her favourite of course was mealworms. Each day she would come to meet me, but I didnt want her to become dependant on me. I would move a stone to reveal wormy insects and throw some mealworms on top to encourage her to find insects.

She was all soft and fluffy! Her tummy like a thrush all mottley.

She was obviously feeding herself a little and was able to just about fly up - which was a relief! I am always concerned when there are babies who cannot move out of harms way, especially when the neighbours cats are near.

I put some wet bread and various food near to this little blackbird and she immediately ate it. She especially loved mealworms!

She comes to me in the cabin, and likes to sit on the edge of the door, (see pic) just by me as I sit just inside. She either sits looking in or watches what is going on outside.

She would come right inside - SEE PICS BELOW

She particularly loved to sit inside when very wet and windy weather. We have two little old coffee tables with cross bar legs, she sits on these. Several times she has sat with me and her eyes have been drooping and she has rested. I think she felt safe.

She went to sleep one day in the cabin, sitting on the cross bar under the little coffee table.

Its the first time I've ever seen a bird sleeping, her little head went back onto her back, and her wings came up and covered her eyes. She must have been very tired but have felt safe.

I would feed the birds and sit in the cabin to watch them, and she would come in with me! Especially when it was pouring with rain! See the pic below where she is sitting by me. (This photo is some time later when she is moulting and starting to be more adult) (unfortunately my videoI did of this little baby blackbird were lost from my little media thingy!)

She would come to meet me when I opened the door. As I sat in the cabin she would come and sit on the doorway ledge, then come in and sit on the cross bars of a little coffee table. One day she went to sleep, so must have felt safe. It was fascinating, she tucked her head right back and in her folded wings.

I would throw a few mealworms onto areas where I moved stones so she would get worms etc to encourage her to find food herself.

She did very well. Although she never made any noises and for some time seemd very quiet and quite lifeless at first, as time went on she became more interested and fed well. She became quite animated at times and quite lively.

Our mummy and daddy blackbirds kept sending her away and one day we didn't see her, and havn't since, we do hope she is still doing well.

When I first met Baby Blackbird she was very quiet and still. Very young and freckly, with 

soft fluffy feathers.

Mummy and daddy blackbird also come into the cabin for food. There is plenty of food all around outside, but they seem quite happy.

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