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Robins in our garden and Garden Watch

Please click on the TURQUOISE WORDS below which are links to the pages... which will open in new windows


First came when a baby and speckly brown tum! Came on tray on lap for seed and tiny nut pieces.

Probably offspring from my robin, as came on both our hands to feed, no hesitation!

Possibly another baby from my robin, again like robin2.

Both robins come. He feeds from our hands, she feeds near us. 

He often feeds her by us too!

Definately baby of our pair (robins 4) he/she sat on our hands for well over a minute several times!

2013 Robin No 6 - it's amazing - for three weeks he came to me, and pottered near. I move a pot and he's come and look for wigglies! We got mealworks as it got colder. FIRST DAY no hesitation, came on my hand. Always food in lots of places. Most days visits and feeds off hand. link soon.....

2014 still visiting!

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