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Last year, (2010) we were lucky to have a family of four in our garden.

We sat out very quietly and listened and watched as "Mum" was followed very closely by one of her babies. The other two babies were quite independant, and pottered about happily on ther own.

We of course bought special food for them.

And of course! Bought a little house, which we popped in a quiet corner, under evergreen laurel.

We also made another shelter. with an old bird table top.

Through the winter we noticed leaves and movement at times, so we think the houses must have come in handy for them.

This year (2011) our garden has been buzzing with movement.!

"Mum" and three babies seem to be living happily in our garden. At dusk they appear, from - the little house area, from behind the shed or cabin, or from inside the ivy and base of forsythia bush.

In minutes or often seconds of putting food out, they appear.

We fill the WATER for the birds everyday, and also small low containers for the hedgehogs every day.

With little rain for ages, we think we have many visiters from afar, just for a drink.

As they are able to get into and out of our garden three different places.

We have a "naturel" garden! LOL Which birds and hedgehogs love, they can find all sorts of food amongst the leaves and bushy plants.

Tidy gardens must make it difficult for our little friends.


IT IS BAD FOR THEM - please don't give them bread and milk.

It makes them very ill or can kill them.


We give them: From Haiths proper Hedgehog food mix

Boxed Hedgehog food mix, we buy from our local pet shop (very smelly) 

but the H love it!

Raisins (from Haiths) the blackbirds also love these

Peanut granules (Haiths) also for the birds (Better than whole peanuts, safer for babies)

Seed mix for the birds and hedgehogs

I put a little bit of this and a little bit of that! So it does go a long way.

Some people put cat food. NOT fish though

VERY IMPORTANT - WATER - low down, in shallow containers, they lap it up!


I have again been sitting out in the evenings watching our hedgehogs. We seem to have sevcral that make the most of our shrubs and evergreens. They emerge from various places. They are little characters!

I enjoy sitting, listening and watching - I put my feet up on another chair, so I am out of their way! See why below!

I was sitting and suddenly felt something on the back of my ankle - on looking, a gorgeous little baby hedgehog pottered through! (Now you see why I put my feet up!)

We think we have five hedgehogs which live in our garden. They come out from thick ivy, shelter near a fence, from behind the shed, little cabin and from the little house area. We have several places where they can get in and out of our garden.

We have read about H and understand that they are generally not very sociable creatures, and prefer to be on there own (unless mating of course!) Coz we have shrubs and put little food in different places, we can watch them all at the same time, and they seen happy. One evening we saw 5 eating all at the same time, at there own little bit of food! It was lovely to see, and hear - proper hedheg food lots opf crunchy bits 

they love it!

Many times have witnessed a mating ritual - the male dashes into the garden, rushes up to female who starts making a funny noise and always facing the male, who stalks around one way then the other. Usually the male then just runs off and leaves the poor female wondering! The male might go to one female, then another, then back to the first! Not exactly very romantic isit?!!! Then they just carry on munching away!

TEAPOT is what Ive called one, coz you can hear him/her coming from distance, he rattles like teapot.

Before H show themselves, you can often hear them having a good scratch, they sound like a rattle snake, it must be all the prickles!

WATER is important, I think lot of what they need is in our garden. 

 Natural, greenery cover.



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