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Robin 1


It was Spring 2005 I was feeding all the birds in our garden.

I suddenly noticed a baby Robin watching. He was speckly brown with no redbreast at all (yet).

I placed a little bird seed food and took two steps back, he flew straight down and ate some. I did it again with some tiny pieces of peanut and he did the same. (ONLY the best peanut granules!)

I used (still do) a little green seed shovel to​ put seed and other foods around.

Three times the Robin tried to land on the little green shovel!!!

So next day I put some seed and nuts on the edge of a tray and as soon as the robin saw me came and landed on the tray!

He came back several times that first day and MOST DAYS FOR A YEAR.

I used to sit down so really it was like the Robin was on my lap!

I used to sit down so really it was like the Robin was on my lap!

He would come back many times, and nearly every day for a year. On the odd day we didn't see him, I was concerned he was ok, but then he'd appear next day. He would dart about, and you would have to be very careful and look where he was. He had this game of flying over my head, so close that I could feel the air and rush from his little wings.

He would always come to meet me, I know it sounds a little odd, but it happened so much.

Of course we bought lots of special foods for Robins - he was very special!

He was very scruffy as a youngster and a real character.

He gradually grew the red breast and he became a truly beautiful and smart bird.

He would often sit near and sing. One type of song was quiet and almost like he was talking and singing to you. 

 He also used to sing to the world, where his little beak opened really wide and the song was loud. I could also hear this 

from some distance.

He would be with me for most of the time I was in the garden. Pottering about near me, we would look for live insects together! I would move a pot and he would come and collect his dinner, Often I would be bending looking to see what could be there for him and he would go right underneath me, he knew he could trust me. He would be right by my foot, it was amazing how small he was. I must have seemed like a mountain and huge to him!

I called him a he/him as I felt he was a little male Robin. Although I have no idea whether it was he or she. 

 So will carry on calling he/him.

Apparently the Robin is the only bird that both sexes sing and there's no visual difference either - so not possible to tell.

He was very mischievous and played this game of flying over me and I could feel the rush of air from his little wings on the top of my head.

When I went out to feed all the birds - he would come to me, you could see him literally come nearer and nearer to me. Some times if I didn't see him he would give a little chirrup as if to say hello - I'm here!

Next Spring noticed he was collecting little insects - to take for his babies. I moved things for him to find more. 

 This is when we bought mealworms for the first time.

He collected 3 or 4 in his beak and returned immediately for more. I picked some up and he fed from my hand.

His little ones were obviously very demanding! As I came into the house he followed me in! This happened three times 

- we took more food out when this happened, and then had to close the door and pull the blind into place quickly.

One day I had some seed and other foods on the tray and a little robin came very nervously onto the tray, grabbed one piece and flew away into the trees, (that was quick I thought) again it came out of the trees and grabbed one piece and disappeared again. Then a robin came onto the tray and very relaxed and in no hurry stayed and picked up 10 pieces of seed or nut granules - it seemed to me that the first two visits were from a different robin - possibly my robins other half! As each time they disappeared into the trees it wasnt possible to to see the switch over. I was convinced from that day that there were two robins coming onto the tray. Sometimes one would be quick and not hang about, other times - must have been the original one as he would not hesitate to come and took his time on the tray. One thing I noticed as my robin landed on the tray he would stretch his neck and look right up at my face! My hubby also commented on this. Eye contact with a robin - not the usual is it?

I managed to get some little videos of my Robin when he was feeding on the tray on my lap. Also feeding from my hand.

We always put various foods around in different places to cater for all the birds. It was always important that the birds came first, whenever I held out food or had some on the tray there was plenty of food in various other places, if the robin had preferred he could have fed from other places. Although he chose to come onto the tray or feed from my hand.

As is visible on the videos my little robin ofton took his time collecting food (on my lap on the tray) Even holding the little media thingy didnt seem to put him off.

Unfortunately at the time when we think the robin may have bought the babies from the nest to us, we were on holiday. On our return it was obvious he was not feeding them anymore. He visited us for a time, then we didn't see him for a while.

I heard him singing from in our house, opening the door, he flew nearer to me, and sat singing on the nearest branch. It was as if he came to say "goodbye" as we have not seen him again.

Does anyone know - does the adult robin always move away for one of the babies to take the territory? 




Then he sat at the top of our tree... and sang to the world...

OUR ROBIN - Robin 2

We now have another robin. We both feel this one is a "she". The first time I held out some food for her, she flew straight onto my hand and took some.

I have often sat in the summerhouse with the door open, and she flies from the fence the other side straight on my hand. She sort of swoops across.

She has been to feed from both of us.

Some robin must have told her that she is safe with us!

For just over two weeks have been too ill to feed the birds, hubby has. First time out in the garden - I could hear her singing in the big tree a garden away. She immediately flew near. I picked up a few mealworms and she came back four times.

Something both the robins have done is sing morning. noon and night! Both have sung in the night, also whatever the weather, even in the pouring rain - singing to the world. Both have sung either on the roof of our house or in the front garden in the early morning. I recognize the robins songs now.


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