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Robin 2

My wonderful experience with "My Robin" was amazing, but for some time now we have both enjoyed the company of "Our Robin" who visits daily and FEEDS FROM BOTH OF US FROM OUR HAND - how amazing is this?

From the very first day that I put my hand out with mealworms on it, this second robin came onto it and took some, no hesitation at all. Then when hubby did the same, again, no hesitation at all.

Admittedly My Robin was extraordinary in that he would spend a lot of time with me in the garden, looking for wiggly worms etc. As you can see in My Robin he tried to land three times on a little green shovel I used to put the bird seed around, so next day went out with some seed on a tray and he landed straight on it. This was most day, my point is that he was happy to do this even for seed (and peanut granules!) As I used to sit it was as if My Robin was sitting on my lap!

Back to Our Robin - he comes in the cabin and looks around.

For some time now, he lands on our hand, and takes his time, we have counted to 5 - 9 seconds many times, and a few times he has sat for us to count to 12 seconds. He takes three or four mealworms, and many times just stopped to look at us. It is truly amazing. 

A wonderful experience.

Dissapointed - I am very... I had some really beautiful videos, quite a collection, and theyve all gone. I ALWAYS want to help these birds, this is the most importand thing, but it was lovely to capture them sometimeson video or photoes. Still do not understand how all videos and photos have dissapeared from my camera.

Our Robin came in the house today, he had had some mealworms, all gone, was in the garden and he came to me asking for more... came into dining room, towards siting room, there he was pottering about in the sitting room, quite at home, not at all frightened.

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