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Robin 5 BABY

Baby Robin (number 5!) who immediately came onto our hands to feed! All freckly and no red at all, he/she seems to know that it is safe - must have been passed down the generations eh? We have never trained any of these robins, they have always taken the lead, and just come onto our hands as soon as we pick up the food. There is always plenty of other food in many places around our garden, 

so they needn't come to us!

We have 3 little videos where this robins dad...(robin 4) pottered about on the table right by me, with mealworms on the table, he was just happy to be with me - this happened so many times, not when they were both feeding the babies, but in between the two lots, when there was time to "just be"!

Back to baby robin number 5 - he actually sits on our hands for ages, he/she sits and takes his time, eating some mealworms and looking at us, and looking around. His little feet slip on my hand, and they slide between my fingers, he doesn't bother, just moves back, no hurry!

When we got back from a weeks holiday - I was concerned - is he ok? Couldn't see him, was looking around, the cabin door was open behind me. Nowhere to be seen,! for quite a while - looked back and there he was in the cabin sitting on the back of the chair - propbably thinking "silly sausage - I'm here!!!" I was so pleased to see him. He seemed please to see me too!

After three days of not being about, we didn't see robin 5 for another few days. Another robin had been about trying to gain the territory earlier, we just hoped that our little baby robin was ok.

The visiting robin was about today, he has a very white area and is quite orangy - so isn't too bad to see he is the visitor. Suddely another robin appeared on the step of the cabin, (I was sitting inside) he flew back onto the feeding pole station and seemed quite chuffed! the other visitor was also visible in the conifers next door. I was confused this robin was all red SURELY HE ISNT OUR BABY ROBIN WITH JUST A LITTLE AREA RED? I called hubby who thought it could be. I put a mealworm onto my hand and he flew straight and got it. How lovely, he is ok.

A little later, he came and got more, landing and staying on my hand for a long time, looking at me and around. His little feet slipped between my fingers, so this was confirmation, all is well!

None of the above has been checked so please excuse errors - or let me know - thanks. R


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