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Robin 4

2008 We are so lucky to have the fourth robin to feed from our hands

How Wonderful!

We are very lucky to have our fourth pair of Robins in our garden to be totally relaxed with us and one is eating from our hands!

They are both busy feeding their babies, quite frantic at first, then later, they relax and just potter in the garden with us.

It is just the male robin that comes onto our hands, the little female one potters about near. Sometimes the male is quick on your hand, other times he sits, and you can feel his weight. Ofton it is for 4 or 5 seconds, but sometimes it is 10 or 12 seconds, he sits and takes his time, looking round, looking straight at us and either collecting the mealworms for the babies or eating some himself, he also feeds the female.

They both come and sit together on the bird feeder hubby made, they sit on a watering can together and in our tree together, except the day I had my camera with me, !!! I did get a few little videos of them both in the cabin with me, which is nice.

Occasionally there is a sudden noise and all the birds fly quickly into the trees, not my little robins they come into the cabin with me - its nice to think that they feel safe and it's nice to be able to help wildlife somehow.

This is the fourth robin that feeds from our hands, he is happy to come close to us, and stays for ages...

This little robin is often pottering around near, we think this is the female as the other one feeds her, its so sweet to see them together...

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