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What a Wonderful Christmas Present!

Our pair of robins are back!

A few days before Christmas 2008

Noticed a robin who seemed to be watching.

I spoke and he came nearer.

Food on hand and he came straight over.

Soon noticed the little female came too.

I sat in the cabin with the door open,

the male fed from my hand immediately and the

little female robin pottered about and picked food near my feet.

We had not seen these two

robins for 2 to 3 months,

so for them to immediately feel comfortable with me was great.

I am so pleased that they are both ok.

It is now 2009 - and I am pleased to be able to report that both the robins are still coming most days.

The male sees me inside the door and comes to meet me!

As I go out he comes nearer to me!

The male robin has some food himself,

then feeds the female too. Same as before. So sweet!

It really is wonderful to have these two robins pottering in the cabin with me.

The amount of times that this robin has fed from my hand must be hundreds of times,

as on one day it might be 8 or ten or fifteen times.

He lands so gently.

At the moment he takes one mealworm at a time,

either for himself or for the female, who for a few days new we havnt seen,

but hopefully is ok as food is taken for her.

When they were feeding the young, he would land on my hand most days 

and collect several.

He would land, take his time to pick them up,

look at me in the face - eye contact with a robin-is amazing.

This has been day after day, not just now and then.

What a lovely little song...

He is a happy little soul.

He fluffs himself up to keep warm - hasn't it been cold recently?

Is always singing - from a quiet little whisper, as if just for you,

to singing to the world, boy can he sing loud!

This page has not been checked or proof read,

PLEASE let me know of errors, mispellings, bits that don't make sence.


Let Rosie know

They are both still visiting most days - well probably every day. We probable miss them at some times of the day. It is so sweet how we are met by the male one.

He was eating very well, then seemed to share equally with the female, by taking mealworms back to her, and now - he is very busy feeding her again.

They both come, and he feeds her right by me, it is a lovely sight.

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