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A lot of flutterering of wings drew my attention to a little sparrow nearby.

There were lots of birds - blackbirds, robin, starlings, sparrows, doves all tucking in at various areas where

 we feed them.

As I watched this little sparrow, he seemed to lie down all the time. He flew down to have some water, and up to the feeder for seed and peanut granules. As we watched we could see he had only one leg and his little foot the other side was by his body.

He comes every day (I sit in the cabin (little summerhouse) and watch. I am always very pleased to see that he is still doing ok, and very pleased to tell hubby the good news!

He tends to (the little sparrow that is not hubby!) feed in the robin feeder where he can sit on the flat bottom and merrily feed. There is a cover, so he is kept dry and safer.

Sparrows usually are very quick and dart to get food and dissapear into the trees again, but this little lovey sits for ages. He peeps over the top of the surround feeder and keeps an eye on whats going on!

When we first saw him, he had to carefully work out his next move, and was very worn out. His whole body was pulsating, whether breath or heart.

Today he was quicker moving and seemed stronger.

I am glad we can put food where he can rest to eat it and water he can get to.


I don't see him every day, but I am very pleased when I do that he is still doing ok in this very cold weather.

He seems much stronger and seems to be able to move easier, getting used to moving about in his own little way! There is lots of cover and bushy areas.

MARCH 2010 update

Well it's now March and I am very pleased to say that our little friend is still with us. This winter has been a bitterly cold one hasn't it, and we are so pleased to see the little one legged sparrow. It must make it so much more difficult, the other sparrows flit about, grab food and dart about. Little one leg has to calculate every move first and then balance as best he can. We get through lots of bird food, but it is good to help them. We have water containers about too, which is important. It's amazing how many days the water has been frozen, and new needed.

UPDATE... NOW AUGUST 2010 and our little one legged friend is doing fine. Have seen him most days lately. He still feeds in the robin feeders where he can sit and eat. He is looking strong and moves very much more quickly now. He has quite a lot of white on his face, which helps with identification, and the fact he wobbles a bit on landing, bless him! He has found a way of landing crooked so that he can balance better. We have several water areas for the birds too, and he manages quite well on one in particular. So pleased he is doing ok.

The last time I saw little one leg he was dashing about with, possibly a mate. We do hope that he and his friend have wonderful lives.

One thing for sure is that he always knew where to come for food that is easier for him to manage.

At first it was so obvious when it was little one, but later he very much mingled with all the sparrows, which is a good thing isnt it? He could very well still be visiting us... we get lots of sparrows and other birds.

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