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​Welcome to ORIGINAL PAINTINGS by Rosie

Welcome to Rosieartworks

All my paintings are Original and Freehand

I really enjoy painting in

Acrylic, Oils, Watercolour, Gouache,

Oil Pastels and Encaustic Art,

Prismacolour Pencils, Spectrum Noir Pens,

Spectrum Aqua

and now Metallic Pens



Wonderful Words


 "Know that I am always with you"


 "The people would come from everywhere

to marvel at it"


 "Give them one of yours"

I thought He said 

 - funny!

IN OUR GARDEN... please click on the turquoise links for more

First came when a baby and speckly brown tum! Tried to land on a small trowel I put the bird seed out with. Next day put seed on a tray and he came straight on it. Came on tray on lap for seed and tiny nut pieces nearly every day for a year. Then from my hand too! The next year he was busy feeding his young.

 Probably offspring from my robin, as came on my hand and my hubbies hand to feed, no hesitation!

Possibly another baby from my robin, again like robin2, but with different habits. He would sit on our hands for up to 14 seconds collecting food. Although lots of food in many other places in the garden. 

Both the robins come. He feeds from our hands, she feeds near us. They both spend a lot of time pottering in the cabin with me He ofton feeds her by us too!

Definately baby of our pair (robins 4) he/she sat on our hands for well over a minute several times! Then dissapeared to find another territory.

the pair were back just before Christmas 2008 - what a lovely surprise, and still with us now, nearly every day. Because both robins sing it is usually difficult to know which is which, but, as the robin takes from our hand feeds the other one in front of us, that one must be the male yeah! 

a visiting pair of blackbirds were busy feeding a baby who was continually calling out. Another baby sat very quietly nearby, but was ignored as when it opened its beak, there was no sound! I watched for some time, when the others left, I put some mealworms near and the baby tucked in. This little baby blackbird came in the cabin with me every day. She would put her head back and go to sleep!

looked very scared and weak when first saw him. Seems to be doing very well now. He became stronger as our robin feeders allowed him to sit in and feed. 

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